Welcome to Blue Chair Upholstery! We are the Hillyard’s, and we are thrilled to be working with you. We love every single one of our clients, because we know that each one makes it possible for us to do what we love and to provide for our family.

Meet Our Team

Kevin is the upholsterer. He has over 10 years of experience in a huge variety of areas and has done upholstery work for hotels, student housing, designers, grandma’s antiques, etc. and in Park City, Jackson Hole, New Zealand and Australia. He loves taking old frames and creating something new and unique.

Sarah is the – everything else. She handles all of the customer service, runs our Etsy shop, finds all the fabrics, takes care of content and PR, and designs most of our chairs. She loves fabric days with Kevin and finding unique vintage chairs.

B&C are the little helpers. They are often with us when we’re running business errands and have their own little work area in our Utah shop.

Blue Chair Upholstery Team

Our Story

Kevin began upholstering in college as a way to pay for school. While earning his Bachelor’s degree in business, Kevin spent 4 years mastering the art of upholstery. Working on student housing sets, a few hotels, and some exclusive designers, Kevin experienced a wide variety of projects and designs. Kevin & Sarah enjoyed traveling from Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming several times a year to do jobs for contracted hotels and designers.

After school, Kevin and Sarah did business internships in Hawaii and Belgium before landing a sales job right back in Salt Lake City. Kevin found that even though he enjoyed working in the business realm, he missed working with his hands, being out of the office all day, and enjoying the satisfaction of seeing a finished project. He called up the new owner of his former company and began doing upholstery work again on the side. In November of 2009 Kevin took on the C.O.O. position of the company and began managing the business, while still working on the upholstery line.

After a few years, we decided we wanted something different. We wanted to be able to be more flexible with our schedule, to spend more time as a family, and to do something we could enjoy and be creative with. As we began taking more and more jobs on the side, we finally decided to really give it a go. In May of 2013 we officially started Blue Chair Upholstery, and we’ve never looked back.