Join us for our 2019 DIY

Small Project Course

Do you have the perfect piece that just needs a little extra love?

Join us for a small project course,
where you'll learn how to

  • tear down efficiently
  • sew cushion or welt
  • pull fabric and starch in each area
  • re-foam a seat
  • cut fabric
  • perform finish work and nailing
  • completely re-upholster your chair

We provide:

  • All required tools
  • Any additional materials needed

You bring:

  • A small piece to be refinished
  • Fabric to finish your piece
*Wingback chairs are not appropriate for this class

Turn this

Into this

Let's Get Building!




4698 S 200 W
Salt Lake City, Utah


9:00 am - 1:00 pm

If you don't finish your piece during the class, we'll work with you for a strategy moving forward on an individual basis.

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Class sessions require a minimum of 3 students.

Participation in the class is at your own risk. Blue Chair is not responsible for any injury or incidents.

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