In the midst of chaos, Blue Chair saw an unexpected upswing in our business. As small business owners, we are very much aware of how difficult this down time has been for our fellow entrepreneurs, and we’re grateful for the circumstances that have kept us doing what we love to do – and serving the customers that we love to serve. 

As luck may have it, we just happen to be in an industry that caters to the spaces that people found themselves spending (a lot) of time in. And when people found themselves spending much more time at home, many of them decided to upgrade the space that they were now confined to.

We’re going to dive deep here for a minute, so hold onto your (hopefully well) upholstered seat.  Call us ‘armchair therapists’ (get it? Cause we work with armchairs? 😂). We discovered something that maybe not everyone is in the right industry to notice:  we noticed what people were choosing to upgrade.  

There have been a lot of projects popping up, but something that’s been really interesting to see was the upturn in orders for window seat cushions.  Why is that significant, you ask? Well, maybe it’s not. 

But then again – maybe it is

Because maybe, when people are saying they’d like a fresh, cheerful new fabric for their window seat, maybe what they’re really saying is that they’d like a cozy place to finally get to that pile of best-sellers that they’ve been meaning to indulge in.

Maybe they’re saying that they can’t wait to gather around the bench seat at the kitchen table and play some old fashioned card games with the people they most like to be around.

Maybe what they’re saying is that they’d really like a more comfortable place to sit and look out the window at all the things that they’ve been to busy to enjoy before. 

Maybe they’re saying that their dining space deserves an upgrade to be worthy of the caliber of people that it gets to service each morning, noon and night when it’s time for that particular dining space to do its job. 

Maybe, what people are really saying when they order their new window seat cushion, is that they’re grateful for the chance to slow down and spend some time in the place that became the center of their world (again), and that they’d like to give that space a little bit of a facelift, to match the new life breathed into it. 

Maybe that’s a lot to expect of a window seat.  But then again – maybe it’s not.   

Who are we to know? But if you’re looking to upgrade that old window seat – we’ve got you covered.