We love to work on residential upholstery. We specialize in taking worn out vintage pieces and transforming them into something fantastic!

Residential Upholstery Process

If you would like to reupholster an item you already have:

Message or text (801-889-7141) us a picture of your piece.

We will give you a quote within 24 hours. This reupholstery quote includes labor, supplies, repairs on structural damage or foam, etc. It is based on the size, shape, and difficulty of your piece.

The reupholstery quote does NOT include fabric, though it will include an estimate of how many yards you will need.

You may locate the fabric you want, purchase it, and we can get it from you when we pick up your piece. We are happy to help you with selecting fabric, and can give you recommendations for good options based on what you are looking for (please include some ideas in your initial message). We also have fabric and samples in our Utah shop if you would like to come in and see what we’ve got.

An optional fabric consultation is $50. This consultation means you give us an idea of what you are looking for, and we’ll do the work. We will research fabric and find pictures and samples to send you, and we’ll work with you to choose your fabric. We take care of all the ordering, though you will still be responsible for the total cost of the fabric.

Depending on your fabric selection, fabric can arrive from 2 days to 3 weeks from the date the order is placed. Once your fabric has arrived, our current turn-around time is 3 weeks.

A downpayment of 50% is required before we begin working on your item.

Pick up and delivery within 25 miles of Riverton is $50.

If you just need a quick repair – let us know! We can come out on location to fix what you need.

If you would like something unique created for your home, and do not have a piece you would like reupholstered:

Contact us with specifications of what you want!

We can find you the vintage piece you are looking to reupholster, or make you something new from scratch.

Visit our Etsy Shop for ideas!

Changes may result in variance of price; the price is a total for the item – it includes everything as if you were purchasing the finished piece.

We will work with you to design what you want, based off of the item.

50% down is required for us to start building or finding your frame, and ordering fabric.

Time frame on these custom items is variable. Fabric can take anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks to arrive once an order has been placed. Building a frame can be done in a week, but if we are finding a specific frame it could take longer. Once we have all the materials, our current turn around time is 3 weeks.

If you would like custom children’s furniture, visit our Etsy Shop!

We also upholster boats, ATV’s, and other recreational vehicles.

We also do skirting, awnings, and upholstery for RV’s. Contact us for a quote!

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