Upholstery Throughout the United States

Like our stuff but don’t live in Utah? No problem! Visit our Etsy Shop and contact us for a shipping quote! Interested in a reupholster? Get some friends together and we will come to YOU and complete all the jobs in 2 weeks.

Interested in upholstery classes? We’ve worked with several people who have flown out for a class. You can also get a group together and we will fly out to you! Need some repairs of commercial property or a new complete set? We will come to you and get the complete job done in less than 2 weeks.

International Upholstery

We love working internationally and just recently returned from doing upholstery work in New Zealand and Australia! We ship internationally! We also specialize in doing custom repairs or new furniture for commercial properties internationally. We will come out to you with all the supplies and get the complete job done in less than 2 weeks.

Ready To Tear Down Your First Chair?

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